GIS & BIM support

Georeference on the territory, on 2D floor plans and on 3D models produced with BIM tools.

GIS & BIM support

Online maps

Buildings and infrastructures on the territory can be geo-referenced on online map services such as OpenStreetMap.

2D vector plans

CMDBuild READY2USE supports the geo-referencing of assets on 2D vector plans (produced externally with tools such as Autodesk Autocad), which can be imported into the system and related to plans, rooms, systems, IT devices, etc.

From the card of an asset it is then possible to obtain an automatic zoom of the planimetry on the position where the asset is located, and eventually modify it graphically.

Vice versa, navigating on the plans, it is possible to query the icons of the objects represented and move to the information data card of the corresponding asset.

It is also possible to configure graphic themes to represent the elements subject to analysis with different colors (assets in use / failures / available, surfaces of rooms diversified by intended use, etc.).

3D BIM Models

CMDBuild READY2USE also supports the geo-reference of assets on 3D models produced by BIM (Building Information Modeling) architectural design applications such as Autodesk Revit, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, etc.

In this case it is possible to synchronize automatically, using the open IFC standard (Industry Foundation Classes), the information managed in the 3D design software with the CMDBuild READY2USE database, both regarding the geometry of the building and the information (data identifiers or complete data sheets) of the assets present in the imported model. Synchronization is performed based on configurable mapping rules.

CMDBuild READY2USE has also an interactive 3D model viewer, integrated in its standard user interface, through which it is possible to consult in a particularly realistic way the interiors of the buildings and the contained assets.