Technical features

CMDBuild READY2USE is based on the open source software CMDBuild, applying the most advanced planning guidelines and the best technologies

CMDBuild READY2USE provides the following base features (inherited from CMDBuild), which are common to the various modules:

  • web based user interface
  • text and graphic browsing through the objects
  • complete history of the changes on any data card (versioning)
  • rapid and analytical searching functions for every card attribute
  • definition of filters and views for an customised access to data
  • classifications and lookups which can be autonomously customised
  • document file used to match every kind of file with every kind of card
  • workflow engine integrated with a visual editor for the graphic design of processes
  • report engine integrated with the visual editor for the report design
  • possibility to define customised web custom pages
  • complete outline of users, groupspermissions, and multitenant configuration
  • interoperability with other applications through webservice
  • CSV data import / export functionalities
  • possibility to configure and manage (task manager) automatic operations
  • possibility to configure e-mail for notifications and as communication tool
  • use of barcode and QRcode to automatically recognize the items 
  • possibility to configure connectors through external systems
  • Self-Service Portal for non-technical users
  • Mobile APP for the execution of the main features through tablets and snartphones
  • possibility to autonomously model the data scheme:
  • creation of new typologies of objects (classes)
    • creation of new attributes on pre-existing objects (attributes)
    • creation of new typologies of relations among objects (domains)

CMDBuild READY2USE is based on CMDBuild software

It is developed applying the most advanced planning guidelines and the best technologies:

  • Service Oriented Architecture, organised in components and services that cooperate also with external applications through webservice
  • Ajax user interface (Ext JS libraries) which grant intuitiveness in the use of the application, interaction with ergonomics, fast slew rate and minimal latency
  • server components realized with Java, which does not depend on the platform, is solid, scalable and largely used by big organisations that want to develop web enterprise applications also thanks to the validity of the J2EE specifications and to the libraries and products of third parties which realize its services
  • PostgreSQL, the most advanced and secure open source database
  • the workflow engine Tecnoteca RIVER or Enhydra Shark
  • the report engine JasperReports
  • the document file Alfresco (or any with CMIS protocol)
  • the intranet portal Liferay
  • PostGIS, GeoServer e OpenLayers for the support of GIS functionalities
  • BIMServer and BIMsurfer for the support of BIM functionalities
  • cluster configuration available
  • multitenant configuration available