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Version: 2.3  (CMDBuild core 3.4.3) 


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CMDBuild READY2USE is a vertical application based on the framework CMDBuild from which it inherits the architecture and components.

In the download CMDBuild READY2USE file are included:

  • the data model suggested in the variants:
    • with demo data
    • no data (with / without predisposition GIS)
  • workflows for managing maintenance
  • reports for monitoring data

The application also includes functions derived from CMDBuild for displaying BIM IFC 3D models.

CMDBuild READY2USE is web-based software, there is no executable file and it must run on a web server and accessed through a web browser. It runs on any flavor of Linux or OSX as well as Windows, however you are expected to have a good knowledge of setting up a web server on an enterprise stack.

Below are indicated hardware and software requirements. Please refer to the Technical Manual of CMDBuild.

System requirements

Hardware minimum requirements:

        • server-class computer (modern architecture)
        • 16 GB of RAM
        • 150 GB of available hard disk space for each CMDBuild instance (SSD recommended)
        • 4-core

Software requirements:

            • any OS able to handle the following applications (linux recommended)
            • PostgreSQL 15.x (15.5 recommended), 12.x still supported
            • PostGIS 3.4.x (optional)
            • Apache Tomcat 9.0 (9.0.82 recommended)
            • Java 17 (OpenJDK recommended)
            • Any DMS that supports the CMIS protocol (Alfresco Community recommended, optional)
            • Geoserver 2.24.1 (optional)
            • BIMServer 1.5.184 (optional)
            • Docker (optional)
            • ODA converter (needed to convert dwg to dxf, optional)

Included libraries:

        • jdbc library for DB connection
        • jasperreports libraries for report generation
        • CMIS DMS client
        • Ext JS libraries for user interface
        • Server and client components for map making feature
        • Server and client components for BIM viewer (xeokit and BIMSurfer)

Additional software that you may find useful (not included):

        • JasperSoft Studio for custom report design
        • Together Workflow Editor for custom workflow design
        • OCS Inventory as automatic inventory software
All softwares used are released with open source licenses.