Configuration Management

Inventory of computer CIs (configuration items) of client area, servers, networks and software applications, with reports and dependencies, document archive, reports and georeferences.

Configuration Management

CMDBuild READY2USE has already configured all the entities required for asset management and IT services in a medium to large organization.

The CI (Configuration Item) are structured in superclasses and subclasses, are complete with all the necessary attributes and are correlated through different types of relationships.

The system allows you to edit the descriptions of each type of CI, correlate them and visually consult impacts and dependencies through the Report Graph, attach files and documents, execute and save simple or complex searches, consult the history of changes, georeference them on 2D maps and on 3D models.

Data model

Internal and external staff, organizational units

Complex, Building, Floor, Room

Customer area:
Customer, Customer Staff

Suppliers area:
Supplier, Supplier Staff, Order and Purchase Lines

Configuration Item:
Workplace: Desktop, Notebook, Mobile, Printer, Monitor, Client Software, License

Infrastructure: Physical server, Virtual server, Cluster, Storage, Rack

Network: Network device, Network interface, VLAN, VPN, APN, Network box

Voice: Telephone switchboard, Fixed device, Mobile device, SIM

Server software: Infrastructural software, Database, Application, Component

Business Service, Technical Service, Service Request, Service Contract, KPI, Service Category

Support entity:
Knowledge base, Known error database, Workaround, SLA calculation calendar, ODL template


Thanks to the native functionalities of the CMDBuild platform, each user can immediately, via the web user interface of the Administration Module, configure new types of entities, define new information fields of any type, create new types of relationships between the configured entities.