Why choosing CMDBuild READY2USE

Configuration Management System advantages. Why should you choose CMDBuild READY2USE?

Configuration   Management  System

Why would you use a Configuration Management System?

  • because non-maintenance costs are much higher than maintenance costs
  • because the complete knowledge of your own assets allows a more conscious strategic and operative programming
  • for a cost reduction by having detailed knowledge of all the elements of your configuration
  • to reduce of downtime caused by system outages, security intrusions, and change and configuration activities.
  • for a better way to manage and control responsibilities in the whole maintenance process
  • to optimize the work of the IT operations, with a cost reduction in many business areas
  • to improve the relationship with suppliers (higher quality of work and less costs)
  • to improve efficiency in the change management, knowing your baseline configuration, and having the visibility to design changes that avoid problems.
  • to improve the IT staff productivity


    Why you should use CMDBuild READY2USE?

        • because it is a complete and solid product, in both technology and functionality
        • because it comes from specific and long experiences in this sector
        • because it follows the ITIL best practices 
        • because it implements the Service Management and Service Desk functions
        • because it synchronize data with external tool through connectors
        • because the application features are based on a unique and innovative engine (CMDBuild), which allows you to remodel data models, workflows and reports without modifying the code of the application software (so you can easily recognize every following update)
        • because it implements Business Process Management functions to draw workflows and assign specific operations to users/offices, and assist them to check the development and the correct working
        • because it is a native web solution that can be completely used through a standard, reliable and scalable browser
        • because it is an open source product: you will use it without license costs and you do not have to be bound to a single supplier
        • because it provides support and assistance services supplied by certified staff that can grant you the continuous functioning of the system with granted SLA