Mobile APP

The "CMDBuild" Mobile APP can be used with Android and iOS devices
The Mobile APP (called "CMDBuild") made available by CMDBuild READY2USE, for smartphone and tablet, implements the main functionalities of the desktop interface:
  • login (with groups and tenants choice)
  • cards management
  • processes management (with widgets)
  • reports
  • views
  • attachments
  • relations
  • search and filters
  • customizable menus (included hierarchical navigation)
  • multi-language support
It is also possible to configure custom pages, widgets and contextual menu items for the simplified management of some operations. 
You can even apply additional functions not present in the desktop interface:
  • take pictures and store them in the CMDB as attachments
  • read Barcodes and QRcodes and automatically access the display of the corresponding data card


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    The Mobile APP can be used for CMDBuild READY2USE version 2.1 or higher and with the devices: 

    • Android version 5.1 or higher
    • iOS version 11.0 or higher

    Download the "CMDBuild" APP from the stores:
    Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

    To activate to the app you need to subscribe to the maintenance service.