* Converted LDAP connector to waterWAY module
* Converted VCenter connector to waterWAY module
* Converted OCS connector to waterWAY module
* SLA management for Request fulfillment process
* Added global search custom page
* Added attachments list report
* Added new QR code generator both as a context menu and widget for CIs
* Added in app notifications for IT processes
* Added views from join
* Added new fields available from version 3.4 and forward like formula and link
* Added filters to email templates
* Added layout of closed processes
* Added scheduling job for SLA check process
* Gis improvements and added window info on Building class
* Improved SLA configuration
* Improved SLA management for Incident management process
* Improved EmailReaderScript
* Improved Country and Region attributes
* Improved attributes shown inside grid on tickets summary custom page


* Automatic closure of IT processes fix
* Removed CQL filters from custom components
* Fixed field features on Product, Model, Brand and Version / Part number on CI subclasses
* Added missing translations on KBWiki custom widget and other fixes
* Fixed report errors
* Fixed lookup "ScreenSize"
* Fixed closure notification to requester on RF process
* Fixed IT processes opening from specialist roles
* Fixed dynamic form for RF process
* Fixed minor errors
* Translations cleanup




* New automatic management of the services qualifications
* New automation in ticket resolution:
* New Customer satisfaction management
* Converted Brand from lookup to class
* New entity for Database schemas
* Included asset acceptance management in Asset Management workflow
* Included consumer goods management in Asset Management workflow
* Extended data quality management to define key attributes in the age metric
* New Knowledge Base system with hierarchy and enhanced view
* New dashboard for Change Management success rate
* New dashboard for SLA trend over time
* New custom page for parameters configuration
* New custom page for workflow startup roles configuration
* New custom widget for workorders configuration
* AWS connector extension with disks and databases management
* OCS connector upgrade compability with version 2.9.1
* GUI Framework upgrade compability with Liferay version 7.3
* Improved layout in the ticket summary custom page
* Improved layout in all reports
* Improved register layout in IT processes
* Added form redirects when switching between processes
* Added widgets localizations


* Better management of classification rules in IT processes
* Removed Area lookup and fixed IT processes behaviour accordingly
* Removed short status and fixed IT processes behaviour accordingly
* Review of visible fields in self-service portal
* Improved view of empty grids in self-service portal
* Fixed email notifications for my request, my profile and my assets in self-service portal
* Fixed report generation from connectors
* Fixed management of SLA calculation for better performances
* Fixed wrong footers in pre-defined IT processes emails
* Fixed wrong behaviour of "close tickets" contextual menu on suspended processes
* Fixed missing translations
* Minor fixes on mobile custom pages




* Added location for employees
* Extension of item catalogue
* Extension and improvement of Asset Management process
* Extension of number of workorders to up to 10
* New custom page to define dynamic reports for goods reception in Asset Management
* New class and widget for configuration of data quality parameters
* New reports for data quality assessment
* New dashboards for data quality assessment
* New massive actions on IT processes (clone and closure)
* New suspension mail for requester in IT processes
* Refactoring of vCenter connector and added compatibility with vCenter 6.7
* New connector with Microsoft SCCM
* Added software catalogue link to OCS inventory connector
* New mobile custom page for workorder management
* New mobile custom page for Asset Management


* Fixed email sending from Self-Service portal
* Various fixes and enhancments on Problem Management process
* Various fixes on triggers and compulsory attributes
* Improved infrastructure management in all connectors
* Fixed summary email in all connectors
* Improved management of switch between IT processes
* Removed double channel field in IT processes
* Fixed email management script to open tickets from email
* Fixed SLA management calculation issue
* Fixed ticket summary custom page layout



Global refactoring and improvements