What is CMDBuild READY2USE

CMDBuild READY2USE is a solution for the IT Governance Management, ITIL compliant.


  • it manages the configuration of hardware and software items, client and infrastructure area items, physical servers and virtual ones, services and dependencies

  • it includes a self-service interface to access the service catalogue, report malfunctions and send new requests (Service Desk)

  • it implements the Incident Management, Request FulFillment, Change Management workflows  (Service Management)

  • it includes sync connectors for users management, automatic discovery, virtual host data, monitoring

  • it provides a mobile interface that allows you to operate direct on the field


CMDBuild READY2USE  is a complete ready-to-use solution, i.e. it is configured with all necessary base files, processes, reports and dashboards.

CMDBuild READY2USE has been customized in order to shape over the environment where it operates, usually made up of procedures, documents, roles and responsibilities, technical restrictions, textual data and georeferences, external systems to interact, etc.

Complying with the sector regulations, it can also be gradually implemented and with subsequent extensions.

"We gained this flexibility by implementing CMDBuild READY2USE on the asset management framework CMDBuild, a product we have developed and we maintain."

Thanks to this choice CMDBuild READY2USE is at the same time a ready-to-use standard product, and a solution that can be custom-configured through provided mechanisms that allow to work on every system element (data models, workflows, reports, dashboards, connectors, etc.).

Thanks to CMDBuild READY2USE – which is a low-investments software – you will realize a complete and solid IT Governance system.

Compare CMDBuild READY2USE  with CMDBuild and openMAINT.