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SSC - Telecom Group (Italy)


SSC (Shared Service Center) is a company that provides information services within the Telecom Group.

SSC has careful management of internal processes and achieved major industry certifications (CMMI - ML.2 and ML.3, ISO 9001, ISO / IEC 20000-1 ISO / IEC 27001, CCCSAP SAP).

The aim pursued by the SSC was to create a single integrated CMDB system that would support IT services specialized in various fields and built around a single database, normalized in a single application architecture.

The solution must provide different tools that facilitate the management of processes and services according to the logic defined in the Quality System Model.

To implement the application "core" several options were evaluated, in the end CMDBuild was choosed for the following reasons:

  • valid open source software components organized within an open architecture framework
  • no licensing costs
  • flexibility and customizability
  • connectors to communicate with the other tools
  • positive references provided by various companies and institutions using CMDBuild

The data model implemented in the CMDB has been divided into 12 "layers" including the Organization, Technology Infrastructure, Systems and Applications, Flows and Schedules, Commercial Offer, Client Processes, Individual Equipment, Systems Unavailability, Configuration Items, Risk Management, Application Maintenance and Knowledge Management.


We provided the following services:

  • support for CMDBuild installation and configuration, including additional components
  • data model analysis and configuration
  • normalization and initial upload of a large number of cards (organizational structure, personnel, systems / components / applications, services, SAP modules, BEL processes, ETOM tables, logical and physical flows, software, jobs, CED, etc.)
  • custom report design and configuration
  • configuration of a workflow to handle the downtime of a server
  • configuration of a workflow to handle the downtime of a server and send email alerts
  • connector configuration to sync data
  • LDAP / AD authentication
  • training and support activities
  • annual maintenance service


sscThe referent (Pietro Scerrato) took part in CMDBuild Day 2010.


SSC – Shared Service Center

Via Tor di Pagnotta, 90