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Servizi ST (Italy)

Servizi ST is a company specialized in design and implementation of IT systems for the mobility sector and works in particular to support local public transport companies on road and rail in South Tyrol.

Just over a year ago, Servizi ST started a market research to identify a support application for the management of its assets and the choice fell on the product CMDBuild READY2USE, deciding to adopt it with the support of the maintainer Tecnoteca.

The scope of use was somehow different from a standard application, since the assets of interest were not only computer systems but also included dedicated peripherals (industrial PCs, obliteration machines, all the components of the charging systems, on-board network equipment, etc.), in addition to the means of public transport themselves (buses, trains) on which the peripheral devices are present, the stations and the external elements (stop signs, information totems, etc.).

The first activity of the contract was therefore related to the initial collection and importation into the system of all assets to be managed, recovered from other applications in use.

The assets have been migrated into CMDBuild reconstructing their mutual relationships, which fully describe the IT infrastructure of the entire charging system. In order to support Servizi ST in the provision of its service with certain SLAs, it has been activated and is now in use the Incident Management process, with which are collected, tracked and resolved the problems, both within the Servizi ST company and from all their customers.

The Request Fulfilment process has also been activated for the management of requests for licensing to internal information systems.

In order to improve management efficiency, the Scheduled Maintenance functionalities will also be implemented in the coming months, which will use the logic and the standard functionalities already implemented by Tecnoteca in the openMAINTapplication dedicated to the Facility Management.

Other planned activities are the extension of Incident Management to other clients, each managed by a helpdesk and specific specialists, and the creation of a mechanism for the creation of assets starting from predefined templates.