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Senate of the Italian Republic (Italy)

The Senate of the Republic started using CMDBuild in year 2013. CMDBuild has been chosen for several reasons: the solution is very configurable and customizable, it’s very versatile since it does not impose its model but the user can easily create his own, it has an extensive range of platform functions, has a powerful workflow mechanism which is well integrated and not too complex, has a “role privilege management” well implemented, it’s open source and it’s made in Italy (for the Italian Republic Senate this was also important), it is very well documented and also very well supported by Tecnoteca.

Concerning some figures about our CMDBuild project implementation, we have about 4.000 registered users, about 2.200 PCs, and more than 50.000 Configuration Items, we manage about 21.000 Incident/Request processes yearly and our Service Catalogue includes about 40 services.

My name is Vincenzo Curci and I’m responsible for one office in the IT Department of the Italian Republic Senate, where we follow particular projects and IT Governance.

During the CMDBuild DAY 2016, I would like to speak about our approach with ITIL. We have decided to follow ITIL best practices, for several reasons: ITIL is now present in the market since a long time, so it’s mature, it’s a comprehensive and organized set of best practices, its view is based on user’s needs.

From this experience, I thought about the creation of a Booklet, called “ITIL System Methodology”, as a “journey into ITIL”, as the sum of our experience gathered during the development and deployment of the project adopting the ITIL philosophy. The approach described in the booklet is obviously not the only approach to ITIL, but optimistically it could result useful in other medium small organizations like in our case. I hope that the journey to ITIL, told in the booklet, can give some helpful suggestions to others, who have the determination and/or the need to embrace ITIL and some tools supporting it. My best hope is that everybody, interested in ITIL and system development, can find something useful in it.

Download the “ITIL System Methodology” Booklet

See the complete speech of Mr. Vincenzo Curci at CMDBuild DAY 2016