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Selene - A2A Group (Italy)


Selene SPA is the telecommunications company of the A2A Group, with main offices located in Milano and Brescia. Selene SPA deals with electricity, gas, district heating, waste and water system.

Selene activities include the provision of telecommunications services on wide area network and local network, data center, contact center, video surveillance and telephony.

In this context the assets used include servers, networks and other devices, voice lines, data lines, fiber lines and associated connecting hardware devices.

To deliver all these services, Selene needed a management system:

  • uniform for all Group companies
  • flexible enough to describe the entire infrastructure (data model)
  • able to implement a reporting system that would support the monthly billing on IT services provided
  • scalable - evolve over time by implementing new workflows, allowing asset geo-reference, activating ITIL compliant procedures, etc.

According to their needs, and welcoming the open source license, IT managers have chosen CMDBuildto handle IT assets and support their management.


We provided the following services:

  • support for CMDBuild installation and configuration, including additional components
  • data model analysis and configuration
  • normalization and initial upload of a large number of cards available (servers, network devices, various types of devices, personnel, organizational structures, customers, locations, street index, catalog services, data lines / voice / fiber, hardware, SIM data / voice, mobile phones, switchboards, telephones, etc.)
  • service catalog management and correlation with the assets managed
  • report design and configuration
  • development of a first report for monthly billing - reclassification of assets compared to the Catalogue of services provided
  • development of a second report for monthly billing - extract the "snapshot" of the situation at any date (thanks to "versioning" in CMDBuild)
  • training and support activities
  • professional CMDBuild support
  • annual maintenance service


SeleneThe referent (Gaudenzio Vinetti) took part in CMDBuild Day 2010.


Selene SPA

Via Lamarmora 230