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Emilia Romagna Region (Italy)


After the Forum PA 2009, the Emilia Romagna Region decided to perform an initial feasibility study to analyze IT components (systems, network, domains, governance, client, etc.)

The activity led to the design and activation of the CMDB and the development of some workflows (ITIL and operational) with the "ITIL v3 foundation" certification of the technical staff.

The CMDBuild application was adopted by the Emilia Romagna Region to manage inventory, processes and provide a service-oriented system.

The project involved the development of a Plone product to let users interact with CMDBuild using the Plone CMS:

  • simple interface for non-technical users who want, for example, to start workflows
  • accessible, for users that need this feature

We provided the following services:

  • initial analysis, aimed at identifying customer needs and related solutions
  • virtual machine with all the required components and installation support
  • data model analysis and configuration
  • initial data import (server, client, network devices, personnel, locations, etc)
  • data model extension to manage system administrators and related roles, as required by the DPSS (Documento Programmatico per la Sicurezza)
  • configuration of a connector for automatic synchronization of personnel data from Active Directory
  • extension to manage authentication from SUN IDM (with Single Sign On)
  • configuration of a Change Management workflow and related Work Orders
  • configuration of a new workflow to activate a new server
  • "training on the job" to develop new workflows
  • development of a Plone product similar to the Liferay portlet, but with accessible interface 
  • training and support activities
  • maintenance service


During the CMDBuild DAY 2020 event, Luca Catti, Asset & Support Manager at the Emilia Romagna Region, and Riccardo Pandolfi, Management Consultant at HSPI, presented the important “restart” project of the CMDBuild solution already in use for Asset Management.

In the last year the Emilia Romagna Region, supported by Tecnoteca and the ITIL consulting company HSPI, proceeded with an important extension of their project, to cover the entire set of ITIL processes of the Service Desk (Incident Management, Request Fulfilment, Change Management, Problem Management), with over 300 services (Service Catalogue) provided to approximately 6.400 regional employees by over 400 technicians.

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