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Regional Council of Tuscany (Italy)

Our office provides IT services to about 500 members of the Regional Council of Tuscany, managing technology infrastructure and network services through internal staff and supported by external services, for a total of 5 employees with Carlo Cammelli as head of department.

In 2006 we started the approach to the ITIL world, which becomes more and more strategic in order to be able to maintain the quality of services with limited resources. Thinking ITIL not only for Information Technology has been the next challenge, starting from the administrative need to manage the movable assets (inventory) that traditionally in the P.A. have always assumed a predominantly bureaucratic aspect as almost static data.

From here to thinking the inventory as a useful basis for the formation of a CMDB is the effort that is still ongoing, and in this effort we have also involved the technical departments dealing with what it is not IT.

The idea of using CMDBuild as an instrumental solution has allowed us to set with less effort, thanks also to the work done initially by the Municipality of Udine, the framework and its functional definitions.

We believe that it is very interesting the way how this open source project directly supports the methodological part of ITIL; it is an important tool for a continuous improvement of services and also for sharing experiences with other users.

Posted on: 01 luglio 2008

Posted by: Carlo Cammelli

Office/Role: Responsabile settore tecnologie informatiche