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CITIC-Prudential Fund Management Company Ltd. (China)

CITIC-Prudential Fund Management Company Ltd. is an investment advisory Company, maintains assets for individual and institutional investors in equity and fixed income portfolios, offers life, health and accident insurance, and reinsurance services. It is a Chinese Company founded in Shanghai in 2005 as a fifty-fifty joint venture between CITIC Corporation (China) and Prudential Group (UK).

At the end of 2017 they started a project implementation with CMDBuild READY2USE.

In the last few years the Company has grown very much and needed a flexible solution for IT Asset Management purposes. CMDBuild has been mainly chosen because it is an open source solution and includes many basic functions and APIs to extend to other systems.

During 2018 CMDBuild READY2USE has been mainly used for Asset Management purposes (asset life cycle management, assets compliance, asset distribution management, reporting). It is used for Business Flow Management, several specific workflows have been implemented (more than 50), and the Change Management is also a key feature. CMDBuild READY2USE is used for supporting migration towards a more fully virtualized infrastructure, for recording changes in all physical devices (including owners, locations, running applications, etc.), for planning change, for generating valuable compliance reports.

As next steps, CMDBuild will be used for managing change, for isolation problems, optimizing applications. Future plan with CMDBuild READY2USE considers AI (Artificial Intelligence), which will be approached step by step: Configuration AI, Operation AI, Business AI.

See the speech of Mr. Jason Liu at the CMDBuild DAY 2018.

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