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CGI Portugal (Portugal)

CGI is one of the largest international IT and business consulting services Company. CGI provides worldwide high-end and IT business consulting services, system integration activities and IT and business process outsourcing.

In CGI Southern Europe (which includes Portugal, Spain, Italy) & Brazil,main activities are related to Datacentres (consultancy, security, HVAC, UPS, etc.), End User Services (service desk, user access management, asset lifecycle management, etc.), Enterprise Services (workload management, monitoring and operation, etc.) and IT Modernization.

In year 2016 CGI Portugal were facing problems in their IT operations, also following the merge of two organizations, “Service Desk - Deskside Support” and “Datacenter Services”, which were never fully integrated and were using different tools. They had significant costs for licenses and support, but with poor tool integration and difficulties to add additional features, and they also needed to incite changes in the Organization.

CMDBuild has been chosen since it was compliant with all their requirements: solid CMDB tool, ITSM integrated, ITIL compliant, complete historical data, fully customizable, multi-tenancy by design, self-service portal required, multi-language capacity, etc. Then CGI immediately realized that the CMDBuild READY2USE pre-configured version was the ideal solution to start the new project implementation.

Nowadays CMDBuild is the core for ITSM for their CSI (CGI Service Insight) solution, which is a unified platform that delivers powerful and adjusted service management capability, a framework to support all CGI services: monitoring, discovery, CMDB, ITSM, reporting, service level management, automation, etc.

CSI is now used in Portugal, Spain and Brazil and is already being considered for becoming the worldwide standard in CGI Group for Service Support and Service Delivery.

See the full speech at the CMDBuild DAY 2018 “How CGI Southern Europe & Brazil stepped up the ITIL ladder with CMDBuild READY2USE”.