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See how companies around the world use CMDBuild READY2USE

ANT Group (Italy)

ANT Group needed a solution to complete their Network Management System and started a CMDBuild project implementation in year 2016.

ANT Group needed to have under control all the Cis, to manage a Service Catalogue and workflows (Asset Management, Incident Management, Change Management), to adopt a flexible and easy to use solution (to be used by different Customers/Organizations, from small to large), to have a tool which follows the ITIL best practices and that has the possibility to be integrated with other solutions (API and Connectors with other applications, like the ERP SAP and their NetPOD NMS).



Nowadays CMDBuild READY2USE is completely integrated with their NetPOD NMS, please check the video recorded during the CMDBuild DAY 2018 to get more information about this project application in Broadcast Operations.