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University of Parma (Italy)

The University of Parma is one of the oldest state University in Italy, been established before the year 1000.

The University has over 20,000 studentsand approximately 1,800 employeesbetween educational, researcher, technical and administrative staff.

The responsible of the Services Department in the Information Systems area, Dr. Fabrizio Russo, had started a couple of years ago a first phase of a study for the activation of a CMDB and its related process of Configuration Management, and was considering the adoption of a support application.

The features of the product, its open source license and the positive feedback received by University of Bologna that already used it for a long time, led to the choice of CMDBuild.

The start-up of the system was carried out by a group of technicians from the University of Parma, consisting of Riccardo Cappone, Michele Cavazzoni, Michele Zenna and Mario Bozzetti, supported by Tecnoteca's specialists.

The configuration activities concerned the initial installation, some data model extensions, the loading of existing data files, the activation of the VMware connector, the implementation of a new custom connector with the SANET Network Monitoring Tool already in use.

Has also been performed an extensive training activities of the University technicians on the CMDBuild system functionalities, both on theoretical aspects and with a “training on the job” activity on some of the required implementations.

Posted on: 30 May 2017

Posted by: University of Parma