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University of Innsbruck (Austria)

The University of Innsbruck was founded in 1669 and is one of Austria’s oldest universities. Today the University has 16 faculties, 81 institutes, over 28.000 students and 4.500 staff employees, 5 campus locations in Innsbruck and is western Austria’s largest institution of higher education and research.

The “Zentraler Informatikdienst”, which is the Central IT Service Department, has about 100 employees and offer all the services to support the University for all hardware and software assets and services (over 400 servers and storage hardware, over 3.000 client hardware, software -also developed internally-, High Performance Computers, etc.)

Yasmin Khairina is responsible for the development and the integration of IT Service Management in the University, and during the CMDBuild DAY 2018 speaks about their project with CMDBuild READY2USE.

“We needed a centralized database to be used to store all our IT assets and services, which will serve also as a basis for the other ITIL processes.

We have chosen CMDBuild since it is very flexible and customizable (in the data model, workflows, etc.), and has REST API, very important for the integration with other systems. The synchronization with external system is very practical using the connectors, it very useful to import data from other systems and also to maintain the actuality and accuracy of the data; for example, we integrated CMDBuild with our University database for the people and the locations, and these data are updated every day.

Then the Self-Service Portal is also extremely useful and important for us, since for example there are several not technical users, like secretaries, that work a lot through this Portal with workflows for Asset Management purposes.

For us it is good that it is an open source tool, but this was a critical point for us; more important was the fact that we could rely on the support services of the Developer and Maintainer, since we had also to do custom developments and we needed consultation and training.

In our roadmap we have the implementation of some additional workflows, to support the operations of our Departments (for example to request the domain name or to enable the servers). In general, we do not want the CMDBuild to be simply a data store but to be a fundamental component for our IT Services Infrastructure. We plan to integrate it with other systems, with the networking data and with Microsoft SCCM. Then we will implement other ITIL processes, like Incident Management, Service Request Management, Change Management, which are already available in CMDBuild READY2USE but not yet used by us. We also want to support other IT related processes, like IT Security Management, IT Risk Management and the recent GDPR.”

See the full speech of Ms. Yasmin Khairina at the CMDBuild DAY 2018, she is also showing some screenshots of their Self-Service Portal, with custom workflows.