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Pulse Secure (USA - India)

Pulse Secure is a leading provider of Secure Access and Mobile Security Solutions to both enterprises and service providers.

Pulse Secure Access is a leader for Hybrid IT (“Top 3” ranking) and provides reliable, comprehensive, integrated and flexible Hybrid IT Secure Access solutions, which enables organizations to improve their productivity and empower customers in designing their new age IT Access, ubiquitous, secure, compliant, and seamless.

With over 20.000 customers worldwide, the support teams handle over 3.500 support calls each month, from basic troubleshooting to requests for new features, and about 1.000 transactional surveys are sent out every month.

At the beginning of 2018 Pulse Secure started using CMDBuild READY2USE as asset management tool, to manage its assets globally. Previously Excel was used, but it was difficult to manage the inventory. CMDBuild READY2USE provides support to use the assets more effectively and to avoid unnecessary asset purchases by re-using existing resources, licensing and support costs are reduced eliminating or reallocating underutilized resources and licenses, the global costs for managing the IT environment are optimized.

See the full speech of Mr. Nagaraju Budoor at the CMDBuild DAY 2018 “PulseSecure & CMDBuild READY2USE”.