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Piaggio & C. Spa (Italy)


The main objective of the Company  was to setup an application to handle IT department activities.

The adoption of CMDBuild allowed to gather in one place the CMDB capabilities (including client/server/networking assets) and some control processes, some of which are based on "best practices" ITIL.

Also, we've configured some custom connectors to sync data and we've set up a centralized authorization system.

The most innovative element of the installation, however, is the interoperability between the CMDBuild workflow engine and other workflows made ​​in the SAP ERP used by the customer.

The CMDBuild system is being used in Italy and in some other foreign offices.


We provided the following services:

  • initial analysis, aimed at identifying customer needs and related solutions
  • support for CMDBuild installation and configuration, including additional components
  • data model analysis and configuration
  • connector configuration to synchronize CMDBuild and Microsoft SCCM
  • configuration of a connector for automatic synchronization of personnel data from Active Directory
  • configuration and improvement of Change Management workflow
  • Service Catalogue ITIL workflow configuration
  • IMAC Management workflow configuration
  • development of a workflow extension in CMDBuild to call SOAP methods provided by external applications
  • development of a new type of connector to synchronize data stored in other applications and available via SOAP methods
  • training and support activities
  • professional CMDBuild support
  • annual maintenance service


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