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OSS Laboratories (Japan)

OSS Laboratories Inc. is a Japanese Consulting Company, specialized in developing Enterprise Infrastructures with Open Source Software; is working with CMDBuild and collaborating with Tecnoteca since several years, and nowadays is an Official Partner of Tecnoteca for the Japanese market.

OSS Laboratories’ business is focused in data centre, carrier and service providers where operate from 1.000 to more than 100.000 servers. Main strengths are a deep experience and knowledge about large scale infrastructure management and about cutting-edge technologies in large scale system management, SRE (System Reliability Engineering) and ITIL knowledge and support.

OSS Laboratories has developed an open system management and operation automation framework called “Open PIE” (Open Programmable Infrastructure Environment), where all the components are communicating via API, are “loose coupling” (independent and able to scale out) and pluggable. CMDBuild is the “core” of the solution, since all these components need a single repository of configuration items. CMDBuild has been chosen as core repository for several reasons, and the main are: it’s Open Source, it’s multi lingual, it is pre-configured with workflows, document repository, etc., its functions can be “programmable”.

OSS Laboratories has implemented several projects in Japan using CMDBuild and receiving direct support from Tecnoteca for specific configuration and customization activities.

Just to mention two recent projects, the first one had as final customer an important Japanese Data Centre, which provides private hosting with about 10.000 configuration items; project’s goal was to automate inventory and configuration management and there was also the need to integrate the solution with a monitoring system.

The second project had as final customer a main Japanese Telecommunication Company; the need was to manage their internal infrastructure for their services (about 10.000 configuration items), to consolidate their fragmented information about their assets and to keep always up-to-date the information about the asset status, related contracts, licences, needed maintenance activities, etc.

For both these projects the CMDBuild READY2USE solution has been chosen, since the pre-configured version of CMDBuild for the IT Governance Management has been identified as the ideal tool for responding to the projects’ needs, having already a data model with entities and correlations, already implemented reports and dashboards, already configured workflows that follows ITIL best practices, and being able at the same time to provide a maximum level of flexibility and configurability accordingly to each customer’s requirements.

Posted on: 30 May 2018

Posted by: Satoru Funai

Office/Role: Representative Director

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See the speech at the CMDBuild DAY 2018