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Liguria Digitale (Italy)

Liguria Digitale develops the digital strategy of the Italian region Liguria and the associated institutions for citizens, businesses, tourists and the public administration, then manages great part of the digital infrastructure of the Public Administration in the territory, and implements innovative and technologically advanced projects to provide digital services and easily accessible information. It is also at the service of the Liguria region, promoting innovation 4.0 and system actions between companies, study and research institutions, for the development of the territory and the support of the community.

During the CMDBuild Day 2018 they share their experience with CMDBuild:

“At the end of 2013 we examined the product as an evolution of a legacy system in which we were already managing a lot of information. What amazed us most was the ease of use of the system, usable even by people with different skills from those typical of software developers. The user-friendliness and compliance with ITIL impressed us favorably, so much that the IT Manager decided to use it for managing the configuration of the managed resources (both the internal ones on which we provide services and the customers’). During 2014, CMDBuild was activated according to the path proposed by Tecnoteca. It has been customized, for use in the IT area, with specific data analysis and with previous data loading. In particular, the tool was used to trace servers (physical and virtual updated via connector), basic and environmental software, applications with components, relationships between these objects.

During 2016 we have evolved our system moving from CMDBuild to CMDBuild READY2USE, which already implements a set of predefined workflows (Asset Management, Incident, Request and Change), so we could also solve some difficulties had by our team using Together Workflow Editor. Since last year the use has been extended to maintenance management and cost drivers, becoming the tool of the Server Farm management structure.

The following are the foreseen evolutions: activation of the Change Management workflow, to support ISO 27001 Certification; activation of Incident loading mechanisms from other systems; activating the OCR Inventory Connector (without automatic update), to verify data quality (software instances that contain information on basic and environment software are gathered by the system administrators during the server preparation or server maintenance); evolutionary maintenance of the system, to incorporate and maintain connections with the list of treatments provided by GDPR and with the asset inventory of ISO 27001 Certification.”

It is then described the Liguria Digitale Data Center, the technological infrastructure that offers a series of complete, integrated and flexible solutions to adapt to the needs of each type of customer: 1.500 square meters divided into 10 CED rooms where today there are over 1.500 physical servers/devices and over 1.000 virtual machines.

“CMDBuild READY2USE is our tool for managing the Server Farm structure. The Server Farm uses CMDBuild to manage all processes related to daily management. After an initial phase in which we populated the database retrieving the maximum possible information until then unordered and poorly related to each other (local databases, Excel documents, Word, etc.), we moved on to an analysis phase whose goal was to make sure that it was not the daily and established working procedures to have to adapt to the platform, but the other way around. Another goal that we had, was to automate the flow of data as much as possible using connectors, triggers, tasks and anything else that could eliminate manual tasks and the possibility of human errors. Today we manage physical servers, virtual machines, storage, IP configurations, switches, etc. in a global way: in terms of logistics (location in the various rooms/racks), of “maintenance” of contracts (licenses, orders, warranties, etc.), up to the tracking of backups of data stored on these items.”

You can see the full speech (in Italian) of Ms. Carla Lunardi e Mr. Cristiano Spotorno at the CMDBuild DAY 2018.