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Chamber of Deputies (Italy)


The Information Service of the Chamber of Deputies provides IT services to three classes of users: members, citizens and administrative staff.

The IT managers decided to introduce, in 2009, the ITIL model for service management and choose CMDBuild as the tool for the Service Catalog Management process.

Then they started the project management of fire records, according to requirements based on the ITIL processes of Incident Management and Asset & Configuration Management.

The setup of the application was performed by technicians of the Chamber of Deputies, with the ITIL support of Cogitek.


The activities include:

  • structure definition, taxonomy of IT services catalog, contents settings
  • Catalogue Management process settings
  • Catalogue presentation to users (Active Catalog), through the intranet portal used by the institution (based on the application server JBOSS)
  • setup of the Portfolio Services, in collaboration with the parallel creation of the Project Office
  • configuration to handle IT projects on CMDBuild
  • setup of the process "New server activation"


cameraThe project manager, Carlo Simonelli, took part (via Skype) toCMDBuild Day 2010.


Camera dei Deputati

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