Control Dashboard for Service Desk Operators

A new custom page has been added for the Service Desk operators, it contains a summary of the situation of the IT processes (Incident Management, Request Fulfilment, Change Management, Problem Management). Includes general information, graphs, and details about the tickets that are open. It has been implemented using the new CMDBuild 3 client UI API.

Advanced SLA management to control the Service Desk tickets

to define custom thresholds according to the category and priority of the ticket as well as based on the service contracts of the requester. Thresholds can be based on custom calendars based on the contract. A new view and the Service Desk dashboard show the tickets that are delayed.

New Problem Management Workflow

The Problem Management workflow has been added to the IT processes to complete the management of the Service Desk. The Problem Management is connected to the Change Management, includes the possibility to start workorders and allow to manage a database of known errors.

Connection between Asset Management and Request Fulfilment

The Asset Management process has been extended in order to allow the possibility to automatically start from specific service requests made through the Request Fulfilment Process. The two processes automatically exchange the necessary information to complete the requested operation.

New Amazon Web Services Connector

A new connector has been added to retrieve information about the virtual servers installed on the Amazon Cloud service. It also retrieves information about networking of the VMs and their instance types. The connector uses the REST AWS EC2 API to synchronize the AWS information and CMDBuild data.

Other improvements

Other improvements made are: extension of the software catalogue to the hardware part, transformation of the QR code generator process in a more convenient contextual menu, new view for the management of licenses, new reports to check the daily distribution of Incidents and Request Fulfilments.

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